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most of my posts involve male/female celebs i like (or should i say males - fancy, females - want to be),
quotes, lyrics, videos and other stuff that interest me.
that is all x

katie piper.

i remember hearing her story, about how an ex boyfriend planned for someone to throw acid in her face as she was leaving her flat one day.

i watched the programme she done for channel 4, how she had to accept what major changes to her face and sight this attack had on her, not just physically but mentally. she went through many operations to try and rebuild her looks and last night her new programme was on, where she meets new people who have facial/body disfigurements and basially they tell their story. i actually cried when watching it, suddenly, a bad hair day or a spot on my face doesn’t seem that bad. i really admire people like this, especially katie. she’s put her own struggles behind her to focus on other people in the same position as her. amazing.

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    Katie Piper is such an amazing woman
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    real inspiration
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    watching her program now, she’s so beautiful
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    still think she is beautiful. Shes so amazing.
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    This woman is truly inspiring Katie piper you have my respect forever
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